I’ve been photographing weddings for a long time. I have seen some amazing displays of emotion and some crazy mishaps. To be honest, I thought I had seen everything wedding related until I was the one waiting for my wife at the alter. As I celebrate my 2 year anniversary, with my beautiful wife, I can’t help but think back that big day where we tied the knot. Most of the morning is a blur but the one thing I will always remember vividly is when Erica walked through the church doors and stepped into the aisle. There she was, wearing the perfect dress and a white flower in her hair. I remember at that moment it all hit me. I wasn’t looking at my girlfriend or fiancé anymore. I was looking at my wife. 2 years later I can honestly say marrying her was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Heres to 2 years down and a million more ahead of us!




Photo Courtesy of Michael Steinberg





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