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Highlight Reels

Highlight reels will become the flashy video that lives on your social media and is visited often. Their short length (3-5 min.) and high production value make them super easy to watch and create a cinematic experience recapping wedding day. Highlight reels generally consist of the getting ready process all the way through the hight points of the reception.

Full Event Coverage

Capturing the high points of getting ready all the way through the reception’s formalities.

Cinematic Approach

A series of peak moments weaved together as music carries you through the best of what wedding day was.

Short Form Delivery

3-5 min. highlight reels are the perfect way to recap the day with family and showcase how awesome wedding day was on social media.

Documentary Edits

Documentary edits are a significantly more comprehensive look at wedding day. Whether your ceremony is 15 min. or 1 hour, your documentary edit will show every minute of it. Documentary edits generally gain their value as time passes, things change, and memories need to be sharpened. These edits are great for anniversary viewing and for passing along to children as family keepsakes.

Full Ceremony Coverage

Covering the moment the music starts all the way through you walking out as a married couple.

Ample Reception Coverage

Entrances, Toasts, Formal Dances and the craziness that ensues on the dance floor. All covered, all the time.

Long Form Delivery

Created to give you a guest’s view of your wedding showcasing events in their entirety.

How many videographers will be at my wedding?

We offer packages that include 1-3 videographers. Connect with us to see options and find what is the best fit for your wedding.

Do you offer drone coverage?

Yep! We include drone coverage with every event that includes both photo and video coverage.

How long does it take until we get to see our cinema coverage?

Our team aims to deliver your completed cinema coverage in a 6-8 week window.

Do you get along with our photographer?

With our photo and video team working together for years, we are well versed on ways to plan and execute on wedding day, making everything seamless for you.

How do we get our cinema coverage?

Every cinema package we offer includes an online viewing portal. This website, similar to a DVD menu (if you remember those), makes navigating highlight reels, decumentary edits, and any other coverage we created for you simple. This online viewing portal remains up for one full year and gives you the ability to view, share, and download all of your cinema coverage in one place. Check out an example here.

Can we book Eighty Eight Cinema without booking photo coverage?

Absolutely. Though best when paired together, Eighty Eight Photo & Eighty Eight Cinema can be booked independently of each other.

Why does the groom wear a mic during the ceremony?

Great audio enhances beautiful imagery. A small wireless microphone is usually hidden on the grooms lapel to ensure your vows are recorded in the highest quality possible.

Do you travel?

Yes. Though Eighty Eight Photo is based in Northeast Ohio, we have passports and love to travel to capture love stories. For destination wedding/event rates, contact us via our contact form.

Do you offer same day edits?

Absolutely. We offer custom pricing on same day edits to be displayed at the reception. To inquire about a same day edit contact us via our contact form.
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Documentary Edits
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Highlight Reel
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Edge to Edge Coverage
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Video Booth

Messages delivered right from the people who spoke it. Marriage advice, general life thoughts, or drunken candor, our video booth adds a whole new level of depth to the traditional guest book.

1 Cinematographer / Up to 4 hours of Coverage / Standard backdrop / Online viewing portal


Add to any of our cinema packages for $999.99

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