If you stare into a light long enough, your eyes adjust – what once was a radiant, bright beacon becomes normal and dull simply because we are used to it being there. Only in the times we step away from that light are we reminded how vibrant that light truly is.

Without a doubt, 2020 is a testament to how true that is. Prior to quarantines and social gathering restrictions, most of us took the closeness and interaction with friends and family for granted. It’s not that we didn’t appreciate it, but it was just a normal thing to have great people all around us. As the pandemic changed things, forcing us to put a bit more distance between ourselves and others, we realized just how bright the lights from our friends and family shined in our lives.

Having to take a mandatory break from those outside our homes, this year certainly had an emphasis on family. For most, family is (and always will be) the foundation we build our lives on. The undeniable comfort, joy, and influence stemming from those who know us best is one of my favorite things to capture.

This year, I was fortunate enough to meet some new families, catch up with old friends, and even help welcome a few new additions to frequent flyers of Eighty Eight Photo, as they updated photos and documented milestones. It’s safe to say 2020 helped us realize just how amazing our families truly are, and it reacquainted us with those we’re physically closest to.

To all of our 2020 portraiture clients, thank you so much for keeping us in mind for photos and giving us the opportunity to peer into your world. You are all an integral part of Eighty Eight Photo, and I can’t put into words how appreciative we are to have you as a part of the extended Eighty Eight family. As we look forward to an amazing 2021, let’s take a look back at some great moments of our 2020 portrait sessions: