2022 slapped harder than Will Smith at the Oscars!

While kids learned how to hot wire cars from Tik Tok, the rest of the world was playing Wordle and watching the Johnny Depp & Amber Heard trial. Elon Musk bought Twitter, Elton John gave us one last trip down the yellow brick road, and Serena WIlliams called it a career. 

2022 winners included Pete Davidson, who got a date with every girl in Hollywood; Lionel Messi who 100%’ed soccer; and anyone who was able to get their hands on Taylor Swift tickets.

J-Lo got married for the 100th time, Putin & Kanye went nuts, and we learned how not-to-be a good husband from Adam Levine. 

We found some new amazing movies in the form of the Avatar sequel and Tom Cruise reigniting Top Gun, and we unfortunately lost Queen Elizabeth, Coolio, The Green and White Power Rangers, and Ray Liotta.

As the world showcased its dynamics, on my smaller stage we moved into our forever home, became landlords, and found my new calling in life… smoking meats! My wife and I watched our little man grow bigger and smarter, and we found out we will be getting a second round at being parents to a little girl, due any day now! Normally, transitions feel a bit off, but this year’s changes and additions came with a sense of comfort – almost like we’re moving into our permanent places and roles, while adding the final piece to our family. 

With all of our rescheduled quarantine weddings wrapped up, we got to work with a whole new batch of fresh faces and families. Across all 54 weddings I photographed, there was an overwhelming sense of confidence and comfort as our couples exchanged their fiancé/fiancée titles for new ones as husband & wife. Without worries of the small stuff, comfort and confidence made way for genuine moments to take the spotlight. 2022 was an absolutely amazing year, and, as excited as I am to start 2023, I will definitely miss the dynamic year of 2022.

As we look forward to an unforgettable 2023, let’s take a look back at some great moments of our 2022 wedding season: