Let’s all just take a deep breath and exhale the craziness 2020 brought with it.

In fact, take a second deep breath, because there is no way one is enough for what we all just went through!

As we all know, 2020 had its fair share of… let’s just say “dynamic” events. We lost some beloved celebrities, searched high and low for toilet paper, argued politics and social issues until we were all blue in the face, and navigated the start and apex of a global pandemic. The craziest thing is those are just a few of the unfortunate events we experienced in 2020.

It’s important to note that every year has its own set of challenges, but what made this year’s events unique was how we all went through them together. I think it’s fair to say that each of us experienced them differently, but the connection we shared navigating these things served as a mass galvanizing. Every shadow cast proves there is light somewhere, and we found some great ways to find those bright spots together.

While quarantining, we all rallied behind the story of a crazy mullet-sporting man running a tiger sanctuary, gave each other “Covid cuts”, and binge-ordered everything on Amazon. We were all reeducated on the importance of family, and, after pulling our hair out, we were finally able to teach our parents and grandparents how to use video chat. We successfully fought off murder hornets, got knee-deep in home DIY projects we had no business starting, and traded work commutes and office desks for laptops and kitchen tables. As we develop more and more hindsight, I genuinely believe that the high points of 2020 will dull the sharp edge of all the bad things we had to deal with and leave us with a more favorable memory of what was a wild year.

On a personal level, 2020 for me will always be the year I became a father and realized the value of gym shorts and sweatpants. As a small business owner, I experienced firsthand the challenges the wedding/event industry went through. This year’s circumstances pushed us to be extremely creative with how we planned with our couples, approached gatherings, and captured moments. There were a lot of tough conversations and unfamiliar territories to explore as the pandemic added another level of complexity to wedding planning. Having gone through these wild times with our 2020 couples, there will always be a special place in my memory for everyone we worked with this year.

To all of our 2020 couples, I can’t thank you enough for trusting our approach and giving us the opportunity to be a small part of an amazing day for you. You were married in a year that will certainly not soon be forgotten and created a small bright spot in a year full of darkness & uncertainty. I am sure it goes without saying, but you should all take great pride in facing an insane situation head-on and showcasing resilience, adaptability, and creativity. As we look forward to an unforgettable 2021, lets take a look back at some great moments of our 2020 wedding season;