The word ‘interaction’ has evolved greatly over the years. Interaction used to start with a handshake, introduction, and small talk. Our initial presentation of ourselves and first spoken words would set the tone and lay the foundation for the upcoming conversation at hand. Nowadays, our first interaction doesn’t even require us to be present. Many initial interactions in the professional world have setup a new home online. While all of us understand the importance of professional attire in person, our footprint online unfortunately rarely reflects the same professionalism.

I am sure it goes without saying – it’s never a good thing to judge a book by its cover. But in today’s digital age, being judged by a profile photo is a common reality for us all. Knowing that employers and potential clients/customers will likely be “Googling” or looking us up on social media, we need to ensure we are there to welcome everyone with our best foot already forward. With that in mind, here are the top reasons why a great headshot is so important:

Connecting a face with a name

Making the transition from a name on a resume, or company name, to a real person is an important step. Having a great headshot instantly makes you relatable and gives potential employers/customers a chance to connect with an actual person. Being seen as a real person validates you and gives people an idea as to what to expect when they get a chance to connect with you.

Shows your commitment to your craft

In today’s competitive markets, any extra credibility can be the difference between landing that client/job and missing out on an opportunity. A great headshot shows a public investment and gives you and your skillset extra credibility while adding another layer of confidence in your craft


Personal branding is equally (if not more) important as company branding. People want to know what to expect when they meet you and get a general vibe for whats to come. A great headshot can instantly let people know if their interactions with you will come in the form of a formal meeting or more informal conversation. Additionally, your headshot can showcase parts of your personality to draw your target audience one step closer to connecting with you.

Visual Reminder

Competitive markets mean potential employers and clients are meeting with more and more prospects. Having an updated professional headshot serves as a visual reminder for those who remembered all the great things you said but forgot your name.

It makes you feel good

Catering to your target audience is always a great goal, but catering to yourself is equally as important. Something as simple as knowing you look amazing online creates a confidence you can carry into further interactions.

A great professional headshot is one of the most simple ways to elevate your brand and make a personal connection with those seeking you. Whether it be a formal portrait showcasing prestige, or a more casual environmental portrait showing you in your element, a well thought out headshot is always a great foundation to build upon.