Oh 2021….. what a great, weird, and challenging year you were.

On a larger scale, it was a wild year of political and social change. We created vaccines, fought a bunch over politics, stormed the capital and then got together to watch the Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Oprah interview.

We all quit our jobs, got rich from Crypto and GameStop stocks, and spent our profits on NFTs… and medical bills from the milk crate challenge. Tom Brady left New England for Tampa Bay, and everyone finally got that call regarding their expiring car warranty. Most importantly, even though the CDC kept changing their minds, we all were able to collectively come together and agree Olivia Rodrigo made some anthems while finding a way to free Britney Spears.

Though the national and global stage get the most attention, I think the brightest light shined on stories of renewal. Couples who rescheduled their receptions due to the 2020 restrictions finally got to celebrate their marriage a year later, and those who postponed their entire events finally saw their trip down the aisle. Families were reacquainted after a year of isolation, and dance floors made a return in grand fashion.

On a personal level, I got to watch my son experience his first year of life and conquer a ton of milestones along the way. Starting the year off with a tiny crying/pooping machine and ending it with a full-blown walking and almost talking human being is still crazy to me. Like every family, we faced a little adversity and were fortunate enough to come out with our hands raised victoriously.

After 2020’s uncertainty, 2021 brought one of the busiest wedding seasons we have seen to date. Our new couples, partnered with 2020 reschedules, gave us the perfect combination of new faces and old friends creating a flow unlike any other year. As excited as I am to start 2022, I will definitely miss the transitional year that 2021 was.

As we look forward to an unforgettable 2022, let’s take a look back at some great moments of our 2021 wedding season: