2023: The Scandoval Era (Sam’s Version)

While Hollywood went on strike, the rest us got to watch the interest rates on everything go up and all our friends weight go down (thanks, Ozempic!). Elon Musk renamed Twitter to X, Hawaii burned down, and Tom Sandavol showed us the fastest way to become the most hated man in reality tv.

2023 winners included Beyonce & Taylor Swift (or anyone who could get tickets to either of their concerts), Rihanna, Travis Barker & Kourtney Kardashian for announcing pregnancies, and the cockroach that snuck it’s way onto the Met Gala red carpet. An honorable mention goes out to Chat GPT and NSYNC fans who kind of got a reunion in the form of a Trolls movie song (but I am not sure if that really counts). 

We watched a foreign spy plane fly across the US, the Titanic claim a few more lives via the titan sub, Grand Theft Auto 6 get announced, and Mexico show us some “real” aliens while India landed on the moon. Most importantly, all of us 30-somethings got to vibe with our kids on a whole new level watching the Super Mario Movie. 

2023 was eclectic to say the least. For me personally, 2023 became a year of balance. We opened the year up welcoming our little girl into the family and gaining an equilibrium I didn’t realize we were missing. We took on some house projects, built some gardens, smoked tons of meat, and found time to visit some new parks with the kiddos.

As each wedding season starts, I always wonder if the current year can measure up the last. 2023 definitely did not disappoint and quickly left that thought in the rearview once the season kicked into gear. I got to work with some close friends as they got married while gathering new friends along the way. Whether it be a huge event or an intimate gathering, my 2023 wedding season showcased connection in many forms. 

To all the couples who added us to their vendor team, the parents who gave me advice/insight on what its like to watch their kids get married, and all the wedding party members & guests who made the long days super enjoyable, thanks so much for making 2023 such an amazing year.

As we look forward to an unforgettable 2024, let’s take a look back at some great moments of our 2023 wedding season: