Living in Northeast OH, we have a lot of options when it comes to general feel and environment of photos. Between Akron and Cleveland we have the downtown city feel and with the countless number of smaller farms and open fields we have the country whimsical look covered as well. Taking it even further Lake Eerie offers us some surprisingly beautiful beaches and there is a crazy amount of beautiful golf courses in the area.

With that being said how do you choose what the best look for your session is? Well, if you aren’t sure you can be like Meghan & Tony and do them all!

Ok, we didn’t actually tour the state and go for every look available but we did spend some time in downtown Barea and downtown Cleveland to showcase the small town charm and metro parks and the hustle and bustle of Ohio City.

Between the two vastly contrasted settings we were able to showcase these two in some very cool ways. Thanks again for a great night and we are all looking forward to seeing you guys next year for wedding day!


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