Working as a wedding photographer I have been given the opportunity to work in some of the coolest places with some of the coolest people. I find it so intriguing to learn about  each couple that comes in to my office and incorporate what makes them tic into the photos we deliver to them. Everyone obviously wants aesthetically beautiful photos to show off but if I can add another layer of personalization I think that separates a good photo from a great photo.

This evening I was able to take that philosophy into one of the cooler locations I have had the chance of working at this year. This evening we made our way out to a dry dock boat yard near The Flats in Cleveland. For us, it made for a visual playground of boats and interesting textures, and for Jenn & Danny it served as an aspect of personalization. These two spend most of their time working with boats so it made so much sense for us to incorporate the boat life into their session.

Needless to say we walked away with some very unique photos showcasing the amazing fun personalities these two share. Thanks again for an super fun evening and we look forward to seeing you guys next year for the big day!


Click here to see some of my favorite photos from their session!