The older I get the more I appreciate and prefer minimalism. As a kid I would be the obnoxious little boy running down the soda fountain putting a little bit of everything into my cup and now I am all about fresh juices and simple quality. I used to decorate my bedroom with eclectic randomness and now, as an adult, I gravitate towards minimal sleek decor for my home. As I realized these changes in preference I’ve always wondered if I am just becoming a bit more refined in my taste or if I am just getting old and boring. 🙂

2020 weddings have certainly created an interesting parallel to this train of thought. For obvious reasons guest counts have been narrowed down and a lot of the extra bells and whistles have been traded for the things that matter most. In a way, some 2020 weddings have been forced to mature from a mixture of 10 different sodas to a cup of fresh squeezed orange juice.

Having scaled down their wedding day from a large guest count to a more intimate event, Laura & Andy showcased that its not the number of people that fill a room. What truly fills a room is the personalities and your connections to the people in it. Everyone in attendance was chosen to be there because of their connection and it made for amazing dynamic. From getting ready at their home, to dodging rain for photos, and wrapping up with a beautiful ceremony at TangleWood Country Club the day was full of laughs and great people.

With wedding day now in the rearview I can’t thank these two enough for the opportunity to work with them. Their kindness and love for each other combined with Lobo (the best dog) made for an amazing day. As much fun as I had with them for their intimate wedding day I am also genuinely looking forward to a trip down that soda fountain with them next year for their big vow renewal/reception party as well!

Congrats on a beautiful wedding day, and I look forward to seeing you two again soon!