What do you get when you mix a man and woman from different countries and a chance encounter meeting at a Kenny Chesney concert? Bob and Heather! The way these two met and became engaged was not only amazing but inspiring. It makes you wonder how chance encounters can change your life in a big way. For these two, a series of these events led to an amazing wedding at the Marriott East in Cleveland OH.  Though the ceremony and reception went off without a hitch there was one hiccup in the day. As we finished up our wedding party photos in Chagrin Falls, we were faced again with another one of those wild events. The limo in charge of transporting the wedding party back to the reception had some engine trouble. The bride and groom jumped into my car to get back and to our surprise some good samaritan onlookers were more than happy to help get the rest of the wedding party back. I can honestly say that in the many years i have been photographing weddings I haven’t worked with a couple that had so many great stories together. I am glad to have been a part of this milestone and hope to hear more great stories about the two of you in the future! Click here to see some of our favorite photos from the wedding! 






Eighty Eight Photo