Whether it be an accent piece or a focal point in your living space, our wall art options help elevate your living space while serving as a daily reminder of your amazing experiences. Handcrafted from premium materials like glass, metal, and wood, our wall art options are designed to compliment any room’s aesthetic while adding a personal touch to any space.

Glass Prints

Glass prints are the perfect compliment to our vibrant way of creating photos. These low profile prints range in size from 10×8″ up to 29×22″ and are great for high contrast photos. Images are printed directly onto glass, turning your image into a frameless work of art.

Glass prints are recommended as a feature piece in modern-styled spaces or an accent piece to any shelf or stand. Because photos are printed directly on the glass, photos are sharp and colorful even at a close viewing distance. Glass prints are also highly recommended for cluster walls featuring many photos.

  • Glossy / Reflective Finish
  • Wall & Stand Mounting Options
  • 6 sizes (10×8 to 29×22)
  • Vivid Colors & Contrast
  • Low Profile
  • Long lasting & fade resistant
  • Foam backing for wall protection
  • Hand crafted

Brushed Aluminum Metal Prints

Brushed Aluminum Metal Prints add a stylized and industrial twist to any room. Printed directly on metal, these beautiful prints show the raw material’s texture, making every print unique. With sizes ranging from 11.5×11.5″ to 40×30″, these prints come with mounting brackets attached and ready to hang.

Brushed aluminum metal prints are recommended for industrial or modern rooms. The 1″ raw metal sides create a stunning contrast to the matte finish photo on the face of the print. Metal pitting & texture can be seen at close viewing distance and make for a great wall focal point and conversation starter.

  • Matte Finish
  • Built in Wall Mounting
  • 12 Sizes (11.5×11.5 to 40×30)
  • Unique Metal Texture
  • 1″ Standout From Wall
  • Long Lasting & Fade Resistant
  • Raw Metal Sides
  • Rust Resistant

Wood Prints

Wood prints add a custom and rustic touch to any space. Sustainably sourced, these beautiful prints are created from a combination of maple framing and a birch face. With every image printed directly on the wood, a subtle grain shines through and creates a unique and warm feel for any photo.

Wood prints are recommended for rustic interiors and rooms featuring warm earth tones. The 1.5″ inch wood sides create a beautiful juxtaposition of raw materials and vivid printing. With sizes ranging from 5×7″ to 40×30″, wood prints can serve beautifully as an anchor to any wall cluster, create a stunning focal point, or be added to any shelf/table as a warm accent piece.

  • Natural Finish
  • Built in Wall Mounting
  • 14 Sizes (5×7 to 40×30)
  • Unique Wood Grain
  • 1.5″ Standout From Wall
  • Sustainably Sourced
  • Raw Wood Sides
  • Hand Crafted

Along with our favorite wall art options highlighted above, we also offer many other traditional and custom wall art options. Always feel free to contact us with any special requests and we will be happy to offer up our knowledge, suggestions, and expertise.