What I find intriguing about meeting and working with so many people each year is how little degrees of separation exist between myself and them. Nine times out of ten there seems to be mutual friend or crossing point where we had come in contact but not realized. The Sutherland family is no exception.

Aside from a mutual friend that originally connected us, we share the same hometown in California, and also the same current city in Ohio. While our reasons for making the trek from the west coast to the midwest may not have been the same, I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with them for their daughter’s newborn photos (Click here to see) and now for a summer session with the whole family. Aside from my misfortune of laying down in an ant pile 🙂 , I enjoyed seeing everyone again and look forward to seeing you guys again soon!


Click here to see some of my favorite photos from their session!





Eighty Eight Photo