Chagrin Falls, OH has the most iconic popcorn shop in the state. Like the popcorn shop, the entire downtown area has a very distinctive charm to it. Almost a nostalgic vintage kind of feel to it. Tonight that vintage charm was amplified by 72 degree October weather making a perfect backdrop for this evenings engagement session. Shelly and Ronnie had first come across my work from a friends engagement session. After meeting with them for the first time I was very excited to get them out on an engagement session of their own! There is something very genuine about these two. Not only in the way they speak to others but even more so in the way they interact with each other. When you get two people who truly care about each other as much as these two do the photos make themselves. The addition of a chubby happy baby doesn’t hurt either!:-) . I had a ton of fun with these two and am very excited to get to work with them on wedding day next year! CLICK HERE TO SEE SOME OF MY FAVORITE PHOTOS FROM TODAYS SESSION!





Eighty Eight Photo