It’s official; you just got engaged and your left hand is little bit heavier and a little bit shinier! Your Instagram followers have all shared in your excitement, flooding your feed with tons of likes and comments on your engagement ring. And just like that, the planning process begins. You’ve picked your date, booked your venue, and are officially part of the Eighty Eight Photo family… now what?

Thanks for Booking with Us!

Before anything else, thank you for your initial consideration and ultimately choosing us to work with you guys on wedding day. You had a ton of choices, and we are super grateful to have the opportunity to document such a big day with all your friends and family. Feel free to bookmark this page to reference as you work through the never-ending list of things that go into planning a wedding.

Step 1. Pre-Wedding Questionnaire

Everything starts with our planning questionnaire. Though we are still early in the process, we like to take inventory of any details that have been decided already – things like the ceremony and reception start and end times, getting-ready locations, and size of the wedding party. Collecting and consolidating everything into one place not only makes everything easy to reference, but, equally as important, it also shows you what still needs to be done. Our questionnaires remain active and editable all the way up to our final meeting, so feel free to update it as you navigate through the planning process. Doing so will greatly help make our final meeting quick and painless.

Step 2. Engagement Session

With all the paperwork and our initial meeting in the rearview, it’s time to book your engagement session! These photos should reflect you two as a couple; whether that take us to the downtown area you spent your first date on, the spot where you got engaged, or any other place in between, we love to weave your story into our style of imagery.

If you don’t have anything specific in mind for locations, check out our blog for inspiration and ideas for your session. We generally suggest scheduling your engagement session soon after booking your wedding day coverage, and no later than 2 months prior to your event. Doing so leaves time for you to use your photos in display pieces for wedding day, wall art, save-the-dates and invitations, and to enjoy all the love you will get on social media before your big day.

Step 3. Final Meeting

Though many of our clients keep in contact throughout the planning process, our final meeting before wedding day is when everything comes together. In our final meeting, we will go over a detailed timeline of all the day’s events, finalize locations and times, and go over any additional info needed to make your day seamless and effortless. We suggest booking your final meeting 30-45 days out from wedding day; that is usually the time where the cement has been laid but hasn’t dried completely, giving us the ability to make micro-adjustments where needed. After our meeting, we will email you a link to your itinerary to share with other vendors, family, and guests to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Step 4. Wedding Day

It’s here! The day you have been sacrificing all your time, money, and sanity to make perfect is finally here. Enjoy everything wedding day has to offer knowing we are capturing each moment and keeping the day flowing. Wedding day happens once (and it never lasts long enough!) so live in every moment, and embrace all the side-stories unique to your day.

Step 5. Sneak Peek

Keep an eye on our social media after wedding day. We love to share our favorite images from weddings, and you are officially in the queue. Depending on our work and travel schedule, we try to get one of our favorite images online within a few days of each wedding. From there, we aim for a full-blown sneak peek within a few weeks. Don’t follow us yet? Be sure to do so! We’re on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Step 6. Image Delivery

We planned, we photographed, and now its time to see the fruits of our labor. As soon as we are done crafting your images to perfection, we will notify you via email with a link to your online gallery and set up a time to get photos in your hands. Each of our wedding collections include a leather-bound USB drive, preloaded with your images from wedding day. Aside from getting your images, it is always nice to debrief with the big day behind us… it’s always fun to hear those side-stories and recognize the unsung heroes of wedding day!

Step 7. Display Pieces and Albums

Photos are meant to be showcased and shared with the world. Social media and cell phones do a great job at getting the word out, but nothing compares to our Signature Albums and custom wall art. From exotic materials like glass, metal, wood, and acrylic to timeless canvas prints, we have so many options to match your style and decor. Each of our wall art and Signature Album options are displayed in-studio, and we are always happy to give our opinion and suggest mediums to showcase images in the best light.

Step 8. See Ya Later!

Just kidding. We are constantly boasting about how amazing our clients are and we mean it. Starting with a business meeting and ending with high fives and hugs at the end of the reception, we often become great friends with those who spend time in front of our camera. Whether we find each other again at a friend’s wedding, playing Xbox, or for family photos (because we all know everyone wants the newlyweds to have babies), we look forward to keeping in touch!