The holidays are here again! Whether it’s the sense of holiday spirit in the air, time spent with families, or maybe just the presents there is something special about this time of the year. For the Lowe family this time of year isn’t just for the holidays but it’s also a time to celebrate baby Hannah’s birthday.

Today I got to spend the afternoon with the Lowe family capturing some Christmas and birthday photos. Now I have had the pleasure of working with these guys many times before so it was great to catch up and see how much Hannah has grown since last time I saw them.

We spent our time in the Cuyahoga Falls studio and to be honest the time just flew by. Scene to scene and setup to setup Hannah hammed it up. She has to be one of the happiest babies I have had the pleasure of working with. Every year I look forward to seeing this family and next year is no different. Thanks again for a great time and I am excited to see you guys again here soon!


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