I’ve done many blog posts about this family and I look forward to writing a million more. Briana, Ben, & baby Hadley have been and will remain my favorite family I get to photograph. Me and Briana are old friends from high school and since the day I met Ben I felt like we had known each other forever as well. What makes these two so great is how well they compliment each other. Being around them honestly makes me want to be a better husband to my wife and gets me more excited about having a child of my own. The good vibes they give off have definitely rubbed off on their beautiful daughter Hadley. For anyone who doesn’t already know, I have been photographing Miss. Hadley since before she was born. Every single time I walk away with photos better than the last. As much as I would like to take credit for that I am not sure I can. She is the happiest baby in the entire world and anyone with a camera pointed in her direction will be walking away with an amazing photo! I am looking forward to this winter when I get to photograph her for her first birthday! For now click here to see some of my favorite photos from todays session!





Eighty Eight Photo