As my career as a photographer stretches out longer and longer I’ve been honored with not only the opportunity to photograph 2 families combining  in the form of a wedding, but also the start of a new family when my clients have kids. When one of my favorite couples of this year, Ross & Lindsy, emailed me about holiday family photos I was excited to see them and catch up on life post wedding. In doing so I was able to meet their son. At 4 months this guys is a little ham. With parents like Ross and Lindsy I cant say I was surprised. There is a sense of family that radiates with these guys. I specifically remember talking with Ross about what its like to be a dad during the session, as me and my wife have been talking about children lately :-/ . He let me know how cool it is and how seeing a little person who relies on you builds a sense of pride. Since these two are close in age with myself  it definitely resonated with me. There is no doubt in my mind this little guy will be growing up with an amazing family. Best of luck with the little man and thanks again for stopping up to the studio. I look forward to seeing you guys again soon! CLICK HERE TO SEE SOME OF MY FAVORITE PHOTOS FROM THEIR SESSION!





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