Throughout the year we do wedding shows and expos. The end goal for the these events is to showcase the work we do and touch base with potential clients. I met Stephanie at one of our largest shows at the IX Center in Cleveland, OH. Of the hundreds of people I met that day I remembered my “Italian Buddy” which I deemed her after finding out our ancestors shared the same home! Instantly I felt very good about working with her for the big day. Fast forward a few months I was able to meet Jason, her fianc√©. These two compliment each other very well. With Stephanie’s promise of Chipotle for getting through the E-Session, Jason was just as cool to be around as Stephanie. The next time we will see these two we will be heading into the fall months. The excitement we have for their big day outweighs our lack of enthusiasm for summer come to an end! Happy planning guys! See you in October!!!


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Eighty Eight Photo