There is always something special about working with people from the same city you grew up in. Though Rachel happened to be a grade ahead of me in high school, when I got an email with her name on it inquiring about wedding photos I was very excited to be a part of such a big day for them and equally excited to meet her fiancé Vlad. After meeting with these two it was clear wedding day was going to be something very special. Their shared sense of ambition and excitement to celebrate with their friends and family was very clear from the start and shaped out what would be a super fun wedding day.

Fast forward to the big day. With a very laid back itinerary for the day, the morning seemed to come and go seamlessly leading up to the ceremony. As the ceremony began and the wedding party mades its way down the isle we were all prepped and ready to see Rachel make her appearance. As Rachel entered the beautiful outdoor courtyard, at the Hilton in Twinsburg, Vlad did something I am not sure I have seen before that day. With his eyes locked on her, before their officiant said it, Vlad motioned for everyone in attendance to stand up as Rachel made her way to him. Though a small part of the day there was something about that moment that spoke volumes about Vlad. Aside from being a great person, at that moment he showed how great of a husband he planned to be with a small yet impactful gesture.

Their ceremony dovetailed into beautiful photos at Brecksville Reservation and a very fun night celebrating back at The Hilton. Through every part of their wedding these two were focused on each other showing how strong of a bond they share.Without a doubt these two are perfect for each other.

Congrats again on a beautiful wedding and thanks again for giving us the opportunity to be a part of it!


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