Of all the things Brides and Grooms hear leading up to their wedding I honestly think there is just one thing they should be sure to do….. Take a step back during their reception and take it all in. Obviously you want to see all the small details but more importantly I think couples should take that moment to see how it all came together. All the time and money spent planning is brought to life once you add family and friends to the mix.

Being the hired photographer for the event I get to have that moment the following day. Waking up the day after a wedding and looking through the photos I shot the night before is extremely entertaining. There are photos I forgot I took, and I am given the chance to look at all the small details without rushing around to not miss anything.

I say this thinking of Melissa & John’s wedding. ¬†Aside from being a pleasure to work with, there always seemed to be something exciting happening all day. From the moment I met with the girls for hair and makeup to the last song played there was never a dull moment. The two of them and the great group of people they put together in their wedding party were the type of people who could have fun anywhere. I am honored to have been given the chance to work with such a fun group.

Congrats again you two and I wish you guys nothing but the best for the future! CLICK HERE TO SEE SOME OF MY FAVORITE PHOTOS FROM THEIR WEDDING!





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