Every couple I have had the opportunity to work with has their own unique style. It’s my job to mix their style and flare with my own creative vision to bring out not only aesthetically beautiful photos, but also highlight their identity as a couple. This time around, working with Lisa and Mike, I couldn’t have been given an easier task. Somehow it just seemed like we were on very similar wave lengths from the start of photo planning, making for a super fun working relationship.

I first met Lisa and Mike a year or two ago at a wedding show. What made this initial meeting a little bit different was they weren’t there to shop for vendors……. they were working the show just like us! I am not 100% sure exactly how it happened but a mutual friend of ours, who also happened to be their wedding DJ, let me know they wanted me to work with them on wedding day. Having spent some time with them joking around with them at the wedding show I obviously said “Count me in!”

Fast forward months later, I remember sitting down with Lisa and Mike in my office talking about photo locations and finalizing wedding day plans when they said “If you have anything you have wanted to try or do feel free to use us for it.” At that moment I knew wedding day was going to be a ton of fun. Aside from being a super laid back fun couple they were pretty much open to anything for photos. With this kind of free reign I knew I wanted to have fun with them while still bringing some top notch photos they can look back on years from now and love!

Come wedding day I had the opportunity to document their outdoor wedding followed by a trip to Mill Stream Reservation for some beautiful wedding party photos. The beautiful weather complimented the amazing scenery making for some great photos.

Now what do you do after you take your wedding day photos? These two go to a mini mart, get 40’s,  sit on the curb and drink them! And thats exactly what they did!

From that moment forward it was party time! The entire reception was a complete blast equipped with an open bar, family and friends and break dancers! All and all I am very happy to have been a part of their big day and wish these two nothing but amazing things moving forward. Thanks again for having me out to work with you guys and congratulations on a beautiful successful wedding!


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