This past weekend I had the honor of working with Lakin and Jeremy. I have a ton of funny “first impression” stories but today may have been one of the best. As I walked into the hair salon to meet with the girls I was welcomed with a blank stare by each of the ladies working there. The stares were complimented by an awkward silence. One brave soul broke the silence and said “We don’t want to buy anything.” Apparently showing up to a hair salon early on a Saturday morning with a messenger bag makes you look like a solicitor 🙂 . As I pulled out my camera and let them know I was here for the wedding party everyone laughed and we got off to an amazing day. Everyone was very welcoming and excited to make their way through the big day. I appreciate everyones kindness and from here forward I will wear dress shirts embroidered with my studio’s logo….. that way people know I am not there to sell them stuff! Thanks again to everyone in attendance for making it an awesome day! CHECK OUT SOME OF OUR FAVORITE PHOTOS FROM THE BIG DAY HERE!  





Eighty Eight Photo