April has just been one of those amazing months here at Eighty Eight Photo. As we make our way out of April and into May it was so great to have a great couple to finish the month with.

Jess & Mike are one of those couples you meet and instantly love being around. Both of them are genuinely great people and give off the whole Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston vibe.

After all the planning and final timelines were made wedding day arrived. As I arrived to meet with girls getting ready at Jess’s home I was greeted with the most energetic puppy I have ever met. Though a small part of the day it seemed like the energy started with Jess’s little buddy in the morning transferred into the wedding party and carried us through an action packed day.

Looking back on the beautiful ceremony, photos at The Superior Viaduct, The Flats and roof of The Ariel International Center there was always a fun party vibe building up to the reception. After photos we made our way inside for one of the most epic reception celebrations I have had the opportunity to be in attendance for.

Thanks again so much for making us a part of wedding day and I wish you two the best!

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