Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite place to eat in the whole world is Chipotle. My obsession with this burrito emporium is what connected me and Eric. After standing in line a million times at the same place you get to know the staff. Eric, being the manager, was always in a good mood greeting people and making the wait in line seem a bit slower. Fast forward to January. During one of our biggest wedding shows of the year I see Eric and his fiancé walk into our booth. Instantly we remembered each other. As I got to know both him and Miranda on a more personal level I got very excited to work with them. They are a super layer back couple and a pleasure to work with. As we made out way out to Brandywine Falls for the engagement session I had planned on shooting around the falls but not directly under it. Against my better judgement I decided to make the trek down off the walk way to the base of the falls. The beautiful shots we managed to capture down there made up for the bruise on my butt and broken lens hood I acquired to get down there 🙂 . I am glad you guys talked me into it and look forward to seeing you guys for the big day this winter! CLICK HERE TO SEE SOME OF OUR FAVORITE SHOTS FROM THE SESSION!





Eighty Eight Photo