The first time I met with Chelsea and Dan I couldn’t believe how tiny and blurry they were…….

Ok, in all actuality there was nothing odd about their size or resolution other than our connection via skype 🙂 . Because Chelsea and Dan were planning their Canton wedding from out of state all of our planning was done with the help of email, cell phones, and computers. Even though their planning was all done in a digital world their love was very much real and inspiring to be around.

With our first “in person” conversations happening the morning of her wedding, Chelsea quickly made her way to the top of my list of the most genuine people I have ever met. As each step of getting ready came and went the shine in her eyes seemed to grow brighter and brighter. Surrounded by a cast of friends and family making up her wedding party, the excitement and anticipation seemed to be a contagious tangible object everyone could feel and see grow as the morning turned to afternoon.

After a beautiful ceremony we made our way to a few spots in downtown Canton ending at Walsh University for a beautiful reception. Equipped with a traditional Guy vs. Girl sing along and Micheal Jackson dance off this was definitely a party that will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Thanks again to both Chelsea & Dan. You guys were an absolute pleasure to be around and work with and I look forward to seeing you guys again soon!

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