I often explain to my clients that wedding day should be viewed as an antique. As opposed to seeking perfection and flawless execution, it’s far more fun and practical to embrace and value every ding, dent, and imperfection that wedding day brings. In Carly & Devon’s case this couldn’t have been showcased any better.

As our day started, a storm made it’s way through the area and knocked the power out. Assuming that it would be quickly restored we carried on with the normal formalities of getting ready. As the day carried forward it became apparent that the power wouldn’t be making its way back and adjustments would need to be made. The great thing about the situation was how these two approached it. As opposed to getting bummed out and focusing on what was happening that they didn’t plan, they took it as an interesting characteristic of the day.

At one point I remember Devon looking to Carly, with a scotch in his hand, and asking “Do you want perfect or perfectly imperfect?” She replied “Perfectly imperfect!” and smiled back.

From that moment forward, even without power, the day became electric. We made a quick trip outside to experience super cold weather and gale force winds, trekked through some mud, and got to see the Inn Walden in a way that few people have been able to see it….. shroud in darkness. 🙂 As we navigated the dark hallways, looking for neat little nooks and crannies, these two lit up the venue with their good spirits and upbeat vibes.

The reception, powered by a bluetooth speaker, started with a candlelit dinner and some great toasts by friends and family. Just as dinner ended, the power made a fashionably late appearance to the event and gave these two a great night of dancing with friends and family.

Looking back on the day, these two displayed an amazing amount of grace and elegance navigating the day together. Anytime either of them slipped into potentially being disappointed by anything, the other would reel them back to how happy they were together. Surrounded by some amazingly genuine people I can honestly say this wedding had the potential of being one of my favorite experiences of the year. The challenge of it being too cold/windy to work outside and no light to work inside, made for a ton of intriguing challenges that kept the day fun and exciting.

All things being said, I genuinely can’t say enough great things about these two and their supporting cast of friends and family. Thanks so much for having us along for the ride and I wish you two nothing but amazing things in the future!