Anyone who knows me knows I am generally a night owl. Often will I be sending out emails and editing photos into the late night AM hours but missing the ever elusive morning sunrise. However, after my morning with Amanda & Joe that might be something that changes here soon.

Earlier this week I had the opportunity of starting my day off with Amanda & Joe as the sun came up over downtown Cleveland for a sunrise engagement session. Frequenting the city, with camera in hand, I can honestly say watching things change from a still dark state to a busy thriving city within a small amount of time is a really cool thing to watch unfold. Although I have been to many of the places we photographed before they seemed to look different this time around. Whether it was the sun being on the other side of the sky or light refractions from the morning dust still in my eyes it was refreshing to see familiar places in a new light.

Even more refreshing was my time spent with these two. We started our time spent together soaking up the beautiful sunrise overlooking the city skyline. Regardless of how bright the sun tried to get it couldn’t outshine Amanda’s smiles following Joe’s jokes. These two have a fantastic balance that is great to be around. Joe’s sense of humor and Amanda’s reactions to him being goofy makes my job of showcasing them as a couple both easy and a lot of fun!

After the sun made its debut we stopped at a few places in the flats and finished up over at Wade Lagoon. From start to finish these two were nothing short of amazing to work with and be around. I was already looking forward to wedding day with these two and after today I am even more excited to be a part of their big day! Thanks again for a great morning and I look forward to seeing you guys again soon!

Click Here to see some of my favorite photos from their sunrise engagement session!